ATL Skypointe x Atlanta Jazz Festival Partnership


Located within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is ATL Skypointe, the brand of one of the world’s greatest shopping and dining experiences. Strategically spread throughout Hartsfield-Jackson’s seven concourses, there are over 300 restaurants, shops, and services easily accessible from any gate. ATL Skypointe caters to the wants and needs of its travelers. 

Our Role

  • Event Activation
  • Data Capturing

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For the first time, ATL SkyPointe had an onsite tent for the Atlanta Jazz Festival two-day event promoting airport concessions offering. With an expected 150,000+ patrons on one of the city’s busiest weekends of the year, activating at Atlanta Jazz Festival helped provide high brand exposure, incentives to purchase, and drive revenue to ATL’s airport’s award-winning concessions program.


ATL Skypointe offered a trip for two to the Caribbean or Mexico via ATL Rewards as an incentive for signing up for the program. Patrons were prompted to enroll in ATL Rewards and make a purchase at the airport to register to win a trip. They were also given an option to text or scan a QR Code which will link them to a dedicated site. With the code, ATL Skypointe will be able to track the impact and future spending of onsite enrollments at ATL. 


  • 1,000+ QR Scan Codes
  • 500+ Texts to “Jazz Fest” at 82257
  • 200+ Jumbotron image rotations
  • 20+ Stage host call outs
  • 651 Signed up for ATL Rewards Onsite
  • 500+ Instagram story views